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How to Find Birthdays on Facebook 1

How to Find Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook?

How to Find Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook, 2024?

First word: Please start “really” reading this article.
Many people cannot do it because they are too lazy to read. The answer to your question about how to see my friends’ upcoming birthdays is right on this page. As long as you realize that you have found what you are looking for and do not fail because you think this page is misleading like the others.

As you know, Facebook has made it difficult to reach the upcoming birthday list with its latest updates. People who wanted to send birthday cards to their friends were helpless in this situation. Many people think that this page on Facebook has been deleted, but in fact, the page has not been removed, it has just become harder to find.

Now, let’s back to the question of how do I see my friends’ birthdays on Facebook. By clicking the link on this page, you will be able to go directly to the list you want.

Now save the link to this page where you can find it easily. The desktop of your computer or phone is the most convenient place.

And if you are on the computer, press the Ctrl and D buttons together to add the link to this page to your “favorites” list. Why do we recommend you do this?

Because Facebook will make updates from now on and the same difficulties will be experienced every time. But if you use the BUTTON on this page to access the Birthdays List, you will not be affected by the changes that may occur after today. You can easily access the Birthdays List from here without any problems.

If you understand the importance of entering the Facebook birthdays list from this page, you can
now go to the Facebook Birthdays list by clicking the marked button on this page:
(Depending on the page load speed, the location of the button in the article can sometimes change, we apologize for this).

To Eliminate the Problem Completely

Below you will find three useful links:

1- The first one is a Facebook page about upcoming birthdays: Upcoming.Birthdays.List

2- Second, a Facebook page for you to send free birthday e-cards to your friends on their birthdays: Birthday.Pics

3- Third, a video we came across on Youtube. It describes a button on another website, similar to ours:

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How to Find Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook

After all, they are all here and they use the button in the article almost every day. You too, please prefer using this button to go to the “birthdays list”, in order not to be adversely affected by future Facebook updates.