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How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

In the event that your cellphone has gotten wet, don’t surrender. Regardless of whether you dropped it into the sink, can, or bath, you might have the option to spare it. The most significant thing you can do is act quickly. Remove it from the water at the earliest opportunity. At that point turn it off, take out the battery, and evacuate all extras. Attempt to expel as a lot of water from it as you can with towels and a vacuum cleaner. At that point, put it in a bowl of moment rice or other retentive material for 48-72 hours before turning it on. With a little karma and quick activity, your cellphone may endure its brush with death.


Save Your Phone From Water Damage Quickly

Remove your phone from the water as quickly as time permits except if it’s connected. The more extended your phone’s in water, the more damage it will continue. In the event that your phone has been submerged for an extensive stretch of time, you will most likely be unable to revive it.

Disengage the charger if your phone was connected and in water

On the off chance that your phone is connected to a divider charger and submerged in water, turn off capacity to the outlet before endeavoring to expel it from the water. Removing your phone from water while it’s connected may bring about an electric stun. Killing the power at a wire box is the most secure approach to do this.

Try not to turn on your phone to check whether it’s working.

Turn your phone off quickly, regardless of whether it is by all accounts working. Leaving it on can make it cut off. On the off chance that it’s been in the water, expect it is waterlogged whether it is as yet working or not.

If it is possible to take off your phone’s battery and spread all parts on paper towels. In the wake of expelling the phone from the water, rapidly accumulate some paper towels or delicate fabrics. Lay your phone over them while you evacuate the battery spread and battery. You will require a Philips screwdriver to open most phones. In the event that you have an iPhone, however, you’ll need an exceptional “pentalobe” screwdriver.

Peruse the manual to your phone in case you don’t know how to evacuate the battery.

This is one of the most significant strides to sparing your phone. Numerous circuits inside the phone will endure submersion in water in the event that they’re not joined to a force source (battery) when wet.

To see whether the phone is really water damaged, check the water damage pointer. Much of the time, the marker is situated in the battery compartment behind the battery, or on the battery itself, contingent upon the phone model. Ordinarily, it will resemble a white square or circle. On the off chance that this is pink or red, your phone has water damage.


On numerous iPhone models, the water damage marker is situated on the phone (in the SIM card opening) or at the base, close to the charging port or headphone jack.

Take out the SIM card if your phone has one. Subsequent to evacuating the SIM card, pat it down with a dry paper towel or material. Set it on a dry fabric or paper towel to dry out until you reconnect your phone to your cell arrange. On the off chance that your phone doesn’t have a SIM card, you can skirt this progression.


A few or the entirety of your important contacts (alongside other information) are put away on your SIM card. Much of the time, this might be more significant and deserving of sparing than the phone itself.

Disconnect any frill that might be on your phone. Expel any defensive spreads, earbuds, memory cards, or different things that join to your phone. Make certain to uncover all the phone’s openings and fissure to the outdoors so they can dry appropriately.


Drying Your Phone

Traditional Rice Method

Put your phone in a bowl of uncooked moment rice for 48-72 hours. Pour 4 cups (900 g) of rice into a huge bowl. At that point cover your phone and its separated battery in the rice. The rice will assist draw with excursion any remaining dampness in your gadget.

Pivot the phone to an alternate position each hour until you rest. This will permit any water left inside to run down and ideally locate an opening to escape through. Normal uncooked white or dark colored rice isn’t as spongy as moment rice and won’t fill in too.


Use silica gels are better than rice

If you have silica gel packages around, put the silica gel packets on your phone. At that point let the phone sit for 48-72 hours to give the gel time to retain any dampness staying in your phone. Silica gel bundles are those little parcels that accompany new shoes, handbags, noodle bundles, and different items.

Speed is the most significant component in sparing your wet phone, so use rice or another desiccant in the event that you don’t have any silica bundles lying around. There’s no compelling reason to open the bundles. Essentially place them in the compartment with your phone.

Spread your phone with 4 cups (around .5 kg) of gem feline litter. On the off chance that you don’t have moment rice or silica gel parcels lying around, precious stone feline litter is another choice. Pour a layer of feline litter into a compartment that is at any rate 1–2 US quarts (0.95–1.89 L) in size. At that point, expose your phone and its separated battery over this layer. Pour in the remainder of the litter to completely cover your phone.

Cat Litter

If you cannot find any silica gel packages, but you have crystal cat litter at home, it can be useful alternativ. Do not to use earth different types of cat litter products. Just crystal stone feline litter, which is made of silica gel, will work. Different desiccants, similar to couscous pearls and moment cereal, will work similarly also.


Vacuum Clener

Drain the water out of your phone with a vacuum more clean. Fit a hose connection onto your vacuum more clean. At that point, set it to its most noteworthy setting and vacuum close to the entirety of your phone’s openings.

On the off chance that you have one, a wet/dry vac would work particularly well for this progression.

This is the quickest strategy and can totally dry out your phone and make it work shortly. Be that as it may, except if the presentation to water was incredibly short, don’t endeavor to turn your phone on this soon.


Air Blow

Utilize an air blower to blow water out of your phone. Set your air blower to a low psi (pounds per square inch) setting. At that point, blow the air over the outside of your phone and its ports.

On the other hand, you can utilize a container of compacted air. But utilizing a higher psi may damage the inward parts of your phone.

Also try not to use a hair dryer to dry out your phone. The warm air may damage segments in your phone.


Wipe it With Soft Towels

Wipe your phone and battery dry with a delicate cloth or towel. As you’re blowing or vacuuming your phone dry, delicately wipe however much water off its surface as could be expected. Drying within your phone is your need, however you’ll likewise need to dry its outside.

Abstain from shaking or moving the phone too much, to abstain from moving water through it.

Leave your phone in outdoors with a fan as another alternative. Spot your phone over a dry towel or other retentive surface. At that point, on the off chance that you have a fan, turn it on and position it with the goal that it will blow air over your phone’s surface.


Hold up 48-72 hours, at that point turn on your phone. Prior to turning on your phone, verify that it’s perfect and looks dry. Wipe away or vacuum any residue and earth from the gadget and the disengaged battery. At that point, embed the battery into the phone and attempt to control it on.

The more you stand by to turn on your phone, the more probable it is to endure.